Music is my biggest passion and I’m very fortunate to have made a career with it.

When I was a child, I had my first experience manipulating sound with a portable cassette recorder with microphone. I instantly felt that there was something special about sound and music. I became fascinated with the emotional potential of music.
Serge Gainsbourg’s Melody Nelson was my bedside record.

I got into electronic music and started to learn synthesizers, MIDI, sequencing & programming as well as computer assisted music. Electronic music made me realise I wanted to work with sound. It gave me the impulse to learn audio engineering. I moved forward by completing a Master degree in Audio Engineering and Signal Processing at Image & Son Brest, France.
These years of studies were formative. It was the perfect place to experiment with analog, digital recording techniques and broaden my musical tastes. I discovered fascinating subjects in audio engineering such as acoustics, psycho-acoustics and signal theory.

After graduating, I worked in the contemporary music scene and started to develop my experience as a mastering engineer. The first turning point in my career was an attended mastering session for an album I mixed and produced. I discovered a true craft and some kind of magic in mastering.

I’ve been living in Dublin since 2007  and I happily call the Fair City home when I’m back from tour. I have been fortunate to meet many amazing and inspiring artists & crew. I’ve worked in a large variety of indoor and outdoor venues where I enjoy solid teamwork.

I run my Dublin based mastering studio Draftlab Mastering, where I’ve mastered music for Irish and International artists. I’m looking forward to mastering your music!