draftlab mastering

Professional audio mastering service

High end mastering service dedicated to your music

Draftlab mastering is a professional audio mastering studio located in Dublin, Ireland.

The most important tool

In a mastering session, the most important tool for me is the dialog with the artist. Together we can discuss your goals and define what your music needs for ideal translation across music systems.  


Mastering philosophy

Mastering is the intermediate step between mixing the audio and preparing it to be replicated or distributed. But it’s really much more than a simple step in the chain. 
It’s a critical stage where we can listen to your music on a revealing monitoring environment and make technical and creative decisions for your music




Your 100% satisfaction

Writing, producing and capturing music is a precious operation. My role is to ensure that the mastering process preserves and enhances all the emotion and aesthetic of your musical vision. Your trust is really important to me, I’ll do as many revisions as necessary until you’re 100% satisfied with the result. 


A combination of High end Analog and Digital tools

Monitoring System : Klein & Hummel O300 / Klein Hummel O100D
Coleman Audio monitoring controller
Sennheiser HD600


Converters & Clock : RME ADI-2 Pro Fs / RME HDSPe


Mastering Console : Dutch Audio IM1.2S


Analog EQ:
API 5500
Bettermaker Mastering eq


Analog dynamics:
Cranesong STC8-M (custom modded)
API 2500 (custom modded)


Digital processing:

Z-System Zq2 AES eq
Waves L2 hardware


DAW & Plugins : Samplitude Pro X5 Suite with restoration suite, UAD Powered plugins, Izotope, DMG Audio


High quality cabling by Canare Starquad, Van Damme, Neutrik



Ships, The Cast of Cheers, Chelsea Wolfe, Cignol, Sign A, I am the Cosmos, Rob Delaney, Goldmens, Sleep Thieves, Yellowbridge, Nautilus, label PPT, Portradium, Mokuhen, King Gong, Vincent Epplay, Sister Iodine

If you would like to discuss the mastering of your music,
please contact me here.
Looking forward to hearing from you.